GOLF: Add More Rotation To Your Golf Swing With These Lower Body Feels

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Add More Rotation To Your Golf Swing With These Lower Body Feels

Everybody wants more rotation. In this video we talk about what lower body feels you can add to get more open from the top of your swing and get that open look at impact everybody wants.

We know that more rotation is better, but better for what? Better for everything! Better for solid contact, clubface control, compression, distance, consistency, and so on.

All of the feels in this video are designed to do the same stuff. If feel one, two, three, four, five don’t resonate and feel eight does and then you’re good to go. So I want you to have all of them.

With rotation we’re talking about from the top of the backswing to and past impact. If I wanted to add the most rotation during my downswing, I would take the pressure in my feet from wherever I am at the top and I would make it go the most toward my left heel. So the more towards the heel, the easier it’s going to be for me to get my left hip out of the way and rotate more. How soon to the left heel from the top? Right away. That would be feel number one with the foot.

The next feel is the left leg. There are different ways to do this. Some guys like to see the left leg staying more bent and turning and then extending up and that’s cool. Other people extend the left leg a sooner from the top. I don’t think either one’s right or wrong. For me, I like to get my left leg extended a little bit sooner.

As I tell you all, when I do the online coaching or in person coaching, there’s feels and there’s reals. So if we slow some of these down, I’m probably not doing exactly what I want on every single one. It’s a feel for me to get from where I am to closer to where I want to go. You just have to exaggerate accordingly.

The kneecap is another feel that works for some people. I go to the top of my backswing and I feel like I get my kneecap to the target by the time my club gets roughly parallel to the ground. You can bend your leg and do that or straighten it and do it.

The next feel is my hip. From the top of the backswing as you come down, there’s going to be some pressure shifting to the left, some body mass moving to the left. I don’t want a ton of lateral. There is usually a little bit of lateral and then you want to get your left hip out of the way. You are going for that two cheek look, you can see both butt cheeks.

Belt buckle would be another feel that some people use. I get my belt buckle feeling like it’s facing the target as soon as possible. From the top, I have a sensation like my belt buckle is pointed at the target almost right away from the top of my backswing.

I have a tendency for my right side to kind of hang back and not get through my swing enough. For this, I feel like my right hip gets pointed all the way even with my left by the time I’m at impact, I don’t really get there, but a sensation that my right hip is turning through and kind of getting even with my left.

That’s a bunch of different feels to do the same thing. Don’t think about them all at the same time. Pick one at a time and use some form of feedback to confirm that you’re doing them.

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