GOLF: Add More Rotation To Your Golf Swing With These Upper Body Feels

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Add More Rotation To Your Golf Swing With These Upper Body Feels

In this video we’re talking about upper body feels for more rotation for all of you that can’t get your torso open enough during the downswing.

There are some different theories about how open your chest and shoulders should be versus how tilted they should be. What we’re looking for as a stock average, and this is for sort of at an elite level, but I’d like to see the hips typically somewhere between like 40 to 45 degrees open and the shoulder line roughly 30 degrees. I’d say 40 to 45 with the hips and maybe 15 to 30 degrees with the shoulders would be somewhat normal. The point of me saying that is that an elite level, most of the players do have their shoulders open to the target.

Most of you want to just open everything. You want to be as open as possible across the board would be the idea. When I do upper body feels. I usually just have three general parts, one being left side, one is chest and one is right side.

From the top of the backswing, a left side feel to have your body more open would be I’d go from wherever I am at the top and try to imagine there’s something here behind me and I’m getting my left shoulder to hit that object from the top. Take my left shoulder and ripping it back behind me.

The second feel would be with my chest or shirt buttons. From the top of the backswing, I’d have a feel like I’d get my shirt buttons or my chest pointed to the target sooner from the top of the backswing. How soon? Well I can go from the top and I almost have a sensation like my shirt buttons are at the target even before my arms and hands start moving down. That’s not reality. My arms are actually moving a little bit as I do it, but that is the exaggerated feel.

The third feel that we’ll go with would be the right side, right shoulder. Similar pieces from the top with this one. Some people would say you are kind of covering the ball with your right shoulder. I feel like the right shoulder goes down and forward almost like I get my shoulder to and past the ball before my club head would get there. Again, these are feels here, right? So from the top my right shoulder is going to feel like it goes down and forward here and before my club head gets to the ball is the feel with that one.
These are three different ways to do the exact same thing. If you’re trying to get upper body torso rotation, I’m not telling you, go to the top and feel shoulder out, chest forward, right shoulder down and through. Not three things. Pick one of them that you like.

I get messages all the time that say I’m over the top because I open my shoulders too much. No, you’re not over the top because you open your shoulders too much. Those two pieces might go together for you, but you’re not over the top with the club because your shoulders are too open. You are over the top because you didn’t shallow out your arms and hands independently. You watch good golfers, what do they do? They open a ton and the club shallows. Getting more open with your body is not going to cause any problems. It might not fit with what you currently have in your swing so you still put the good stuff in and take that other bad stuff out.

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  1. Another awesome video mate!
    What's the feeling of your hands/arms on the downswing when you have this upper body rotation? Or do they freely drop and go with the body momentum?

  2. Great video, Eric. You touch on 3 cures for one problem very well here. It's easy to talk about where golfers should be in static positions. Communicating how the swing should "feel" is much more useful.

  3. Eric, I think I've had a breakthrough but I'm not sure yet so my question is this. Do you think that many of us don't get the handle down far enough on the downswing? Because once I started dong this I noticed everything fall into place. Shallow strike, down at impact and excellent weight transfer into a fully extended finish. It 'feels' very low coming into the ball and it 'feels' like my body is reacting by opening up, shallowing and extending. 'Feels' like my body is 'saving' the shot from crashing 2 feet before the ball (point of impact). It's literally transformed my swing. So again, do you think many of us recreational golfers just don't bring the handle down to where it should be? Not so much 'pulling the handle down' but bringing it down on the arc I created with my stance and backswing. Thanks – David

  4. These last two videos are great. It's about feelings, not positions. I am sending you a complimentary pdf copy of the recently published Golf Your Way. If any of your viewers are interested in a complimentary copy drop me an email at tslagle2222@gmail .com which describes a simple method for locating your own unique golf swing DNA.