Golf Balls for Average Swing Speeds | Tour Soft, Project A & Q-Star Tour

Join our new community on Patreon! – Part one of our test of 2018 models of golf balls aimed at average swing speed players. We started by testing the Taylormade Project A, Srixon Q-Star Tour and Titleist Tour Soft to see how the performance varied between the different offerings. See which golf ball might be best for your game in this mid-range golf ball test.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois

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  1. Thanks for giving me something to do today since I was supposed to play 36 but wrecked my ankle playing soccer. Idiot.

  2. Hey guys could you do a video on trackman vs HMT? I get it would probably just be a conversation but I think it would be interesting to know how they measure the clubhead/ball moving.

  3. Could you do a video on too high launch angle with the driver and too much backspin?

    Whenever I demo clubs I hit a ball speed of 120 and hit it fairly straight but I still rarely hit it over 200. I’ve hit it as far as 243 but lose as many as 60 yards even when the ball goes straight. I can’t figure it out.

  4. I currently play the Callaway Supersoft, but the Srixon Q-Star Tour might be my next purchase. I've tended to like the feel of the softer balls like Supersoft and Titleist DT Trusoft. After you test others in this category, it would be nice to compare the 'best' of each test.

  5. Interesting as I like and use the qstar tour bought in the usa though in uk it is called something different. I think there is another factor which is what are tour irons and wedges – forged, non forged, grooves in wedges and putters etc – so the feel can be quite different with the same ball. I for one tried tp project but I get better stopping power with the qstar tour and find the feel far more preferable. Not tried the titleist but may give it a go. In principle within a specific ball range I understand from other data and reviews and commentaries, there is very little difference driver wise but much more in the lower irons, wedges and putter – is that not correct?

  6. For me as a newbie, it's a big headache choosing balls. Each manufacturers should have a sort of chart or matrix to compare their own balls. (include older models as well) All I see on each model's description is good performance , great distance, excellent feel. So all of them are good? Then I would later hear review saying this ball is good for this and that ball is for such and such. Very confusing. Well, at least now I'm learning them from you guys. Thanks a lot.

  7. Great video guys, currently game the Q Star Tour but also rotate in the Call away Supersoft, would love to see a video in that ball.

  8. I currently use the TaylorMade Project ‘A’ ball and love it. Awesome control around the greens. I have just recently ordered in som Vice Pro Soft to test for myself. They were recommended to me as a lower priced version of the Project ‘A’. What is your opinion?

  9. Wilson Staff DUO Urethane is the most unappreciated ball in the industry. Great soft feel with adequate spin at a fair price.

  10. I'm curious to know about "distance" balls. What we gain in distance (I hope), what are we giving up elsewhere? I have used the Srixon distance ball and it performs rather well. Thanks for another informative session.