Golf Basics for Beginners

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Golf tec Pro Thomas Howell shows you some fundamental components on the basics of the golf swing. From putting to getting distance on your drives. If you want to improve your golf game these are the videos for you.

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  1. Learn your swing basics off a local golf pro.  Join a club.  Play for a year while getting lessons both in the driving range and on the course from the same golf coach. Then and only then, think about getting some fitted clubs!

  2. I'm interested in Golf…because I missed my opportunity to became a real professional athlete; and golf is the only sports you can join and play at any age. ;)

  3. Id like to get nice clubs but i dont want to spend $500+ on a driver, 4 irons, some wedges, a putter, a bag, and accessories. Too much money 

  4. heres what I know, lets say 10 million people play golf everyday around the world. And there are how many money making PGA professionals? 150? shit, lets say 500, which is way exaggerated for my point, . that means less than .000050% of people who play golf, are professionals. its an INCREDIBLY hard game and if youre playing it to be great, good luck. If youre playing it to not look stupid and still have fun, then keep it up because thats where I am. You CANNOT get mad, angry, disappointed, whatever. Tiger right now is playing so fucking horrible, people are laughing at him. But he could walk on to any course in the US right this minute and beat the hell out of everyone there with his eyes closed. Golf is awesome, frustrating, and for some people life changing but you will NOT be great at it so there's no need to be pissed off about it, we ALL suck! Anyway, Good luck out there my fellow linksters, I wish you all the best.