Golf Club Custom Fitting – Kingdom Reynolds Plantation

Golfers looking to bring their games to the next level must consider getting fitted for clubs. Not every club is made equal nor does every swing require the same club. Getting custom fit for golf clubs will ensure that you have clubs that are perfect for you. The TaylorMade club fitting facility at the Kingdom at Reynold’s Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia is one of the best there is. The instructors at the Kingdom know their stuff. They will ensure that you have the clubs that maximize your distance, club speed and ball exit velocity, while keeping in mind your the trajectory and ball spin rate, all by mixing and matching different shafts with different club heads. If you want to improve your game and lower your handicap, it is highly recommended that you get custom fitted for golf clubs that are perfect for you and your swing. Good luck and thanks for watching.

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  1. Awesome stuff. I’m playing similar shaft but in a m4 and then m4 15 playing the same. Can’t go wrong. I like the dark wedges. Just hate how they will look after 10 rounds or so

  2. What a great experience. Did you happen to film any of the putter fitting? I am looking at replacing my Scotty for a TP putter.

  3. What kind of questions would you suggest be answered for an average weekend golfer during a fitting?

  4. Can anyone get fitted or is it just for rich white kids? lol. Ive played at Reynolds Plantation the Great Waters Course and it is awesome.

  5. Great video, is the 3 iron a udi or is it just a normal 3 iron, also I was wondering what the shaft was in the 3 iron?