Golf Club Custom Fitting

Golf Club Custom Fitting. Mark Crossfield talks to Callaway tour fitter about some of the truths around custom fitting and why you should be getting your clubs fitted for your golf game. Play your best golf with the simple and easy to understand golf advice from PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru.

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  1. I fit my set myself using online software like the excellent Ping stuff, advice on YouTube and lots of trial and error on the range. Well I started with a normal traditional  setup with wedges irons hybrid woods and driver. Then I tweaked it to get my gaps right and that has been an exciting journey. I found that irons were better for me than woods so now my setup reflects that. It has evolved to 12deg mini-driver, 15deg 3 wood, 20deg 3 hybrid, 16deg driving 1 iron, 4-9 pro-combo irons, 48/10 56/14 60/10 wedges and a Anser face balanced putter. Seems perfect now, has removed the shots I found troublesome and hits all the necessary distances 😉

  2. I went for a fitting with +Mark Crossfield and fitted straight in to the bracket he was mentioning. I was too toe down for any custom fit, so it did end up being more of a lesson.  I took his recommendations, ordered my clubs and have had lessons with my local pro since then and the standard clubs are now working fantastic for me.

    They are maybe a little too forgiving, so I might be looking at picking up another set of irons next year perhaps.

  3. I'm at work and my flash isn't working so I apologize if this has nothing to do with the video.  I'm just basing it off the title.  Anyway, I know everybody should be custom fit, just like you always preach Mark. But the problem I have is that your average mid to high handicapper can't repeat their exact same swing and shot over and over again. 

    WHen they go and get fitted and swing 10-15 shots for the fitter, those 10-15 shots maybe completely different than what they end up swinging on the golf course the next time they play. 

    So do you think you should be at a certain skill level before you go and get fittted?

  4. I personally started playing great golf when I reduced my clubs to half.I think people playing too many clubs is keeping them from playing better even more than ill fitted clubs.Just find the clubs you hit well and only use those.
    I myself use a 14 degree mini driver which I choke up on if I need a 3 wood distance.My irons are all 6 degrees apart.18* 2 iron,24* 4 iron,30* 6 iron,36* 8 iron,42* 9 iron and 48* p wedge.7 clubs and a putter and I shoot in the high 70's.(8 handicap)
    So far everyone I have had try it shot better or the same as a full set.Give it a shot for a few rounds and you will be amazed.

  5. Shame when I've tried to book a lesson with mark first time he could not make it as he had a change of plans! But it was rearranged so no prob!
    Well yes the next time he didn't turn up or let anyone know he was going to or had no intention of doing so forgot your roots I guess!

  6. I'm currently playing of a handicap of 20. I'm currently using clubs straight of the rack. I'm 6'4 and the clubs feel to short and not upright enough. I have a swing fault which I'm working on (over the top) but not sure if the swing problem is deriving from my clubs in the first place. Should I get fit or try fix the fault before the fit?

  7. Golf clubs are tools and the purpose of tools is to accomplish a task as efficiently as possible. If you're playing blades because you need their "workability", ask yourself this: How many shots am I gaining versus the shots wasted because of off-center strikes? Unless you're a tour player, the net is a BIG negative. I used to play 2-PW blades, then looked at some of Crossfield's videos and saw an excellent ball striker using a bag full of clubs that looked like that of a 30-handicapper. It made me realize I was using blades because they looked cool and because a "real" player wouldn't play GI irons or dump their 3 and 4-irons. Except the world's best players are mostly using GI irons, and Troy Merritt just won the QL with no iron lower than a 5. I'm now gaming SpeedBladez 5-PW and X-Hot Tour 20* and 23* hybrids. I play off a +1.7 index and if that sort of configuration has helped me, it likely can help you too. I've checked my ego at the door and bought more efficient tools. Know what feels even better than a set of buttery soft chromed blades? Shooting lower scores.

  8. I have been "fitted" once, only for my driver. I was in Myrtle Beach and went to the PGA Superstore. I told the man I owned a Wilson box set, and the only club he had me hit was a Wilson D-200. He had me hit some, told me a few tips to show me consistent numbers, and then sold me a D-100, since I questioned the adjustability. I was ok with it, but now I am jealous of all the people that have been truly fitted well, as I don't think I have. It was 4 months ago this happened, and since then, all the golf guru videos in the world don't seem to make me happy with this thing. Disappointing, really. Oh well, live and learn.

  9. I'm looking to buy my uncles set of irons as he is upgrading to a new set in a few weeks time , the only problem is his old irons have been custom fitted for him. If I buy them can I have them custom fitted again or is it kind of a once of thing ?

  10. Great video and well explained, all my clubs have been fit this way at a local golf club, Heysham. There they fit the club, and not the brand, to the golfer. Hence I have a Titliest driver and wedges, callaway irons and cobra hybrids.

  11. I'm a 4 handicapper and recently got fit for the new Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero driver with a tour AD bb6s shaft. I Was hitting it pretty good from what I remember at the fitting, however when I took it out on the course it felt horrible and I could not find the centre of the club to save myself. I put the stock fujikura stiff shaft in and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Long and straight everytime! Just highlights the point mark is trying to make here that the fitter can only do so much, its up to you to interpret feels and decide based on which one will help you shoot lower scores in a gaming environment. Don't be fooled by a bunch of numbers on a screen. The only ones that count are the ones on the scorecard.

  12. I got fitted for a set of Mizuno MP63s and paid £780 six years ago. I just recently bought a set of MP5s off the shelf for £450 and I hit them just as well if not better. I'm beginning to think custom fitting is just a way of stripping the customer of a few quid