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Golf Club Length in Custom Fitting with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA professional. Mark answers more questions this time he is talking custom fitting and club length. With many tour players using shorter golf club lengths in the their drivers why do am golfers want longer golf clubs. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield easy to understand golf videos.

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  1. Drivers & 3 metals have got longer (& lighter) over recent years in the manufacturers bid to have the 'longest distance' clubs on the market, but for less grooved repeatably controllable swings they can be too long & too light & not controllable. This is why you need to get fitted by a good responsible PGA pro who's not looking just to sell you the latest most expensive option (as discount places may do for a one off sale), but the one most suitable for you by correct fitting. You need to get to a point first where you have reasonable fundamentals and sequenced swing first spending 'loads of momey' on the latest equipment isn't going to suddenly turn around your ability as a golfer. Not what people want to hear but money spent on lessons first will give you a much better return on your cash, as long as you invest the time & practice 'properly'. I'm not a golf pro touting for business! but a low single digit handicap player who sees many higher handicap players on the range who've spent £300 on "the" driver but don't have the swing to be able to use it well. For a lot of his major wins 'the bear' had a 43 and a half inch long driver (steel shaft0 and he wasn't a short hitter.

  2. 5 foot 8 and standard length clubs are too long? Wut? I'm 5 foot 4/5 (teenager) and use standard length clubs

  3. Hi Mark! I watch all your vids and enjoy them! Was wondering what kind of club creates more spin, cast or forged?? Thanks! 

  4. hey guys you may want to watch your lie angle when increasing or decreasing your club / shaft length .. when I was growing out of my clubs age 16 – 18 [had standard loft lie and flex] I started slowly hitting a slice which stopped me playing for 20 years.. its only now [last 4 years] with all the technology that I worked out that was due to me growing stronger and taller 6'6 .. I was grounding the toe out which created an open face at address .. I now play 1 inch longer stiff flex and 4 degree upright .. now hit it straight .. so be aware of other factors that may change with club length  :-)

  5. Mark…. Why didn't you talk about how longer clubs come with a higher swing weight and the fact that most club fitter don't take this into account. I guess the tall guys are out of luck.. lol

  6. When I got fit for my irons a .5" shaft extension was recommended on my iron set. The store put extensions in the shaft but I was wondering if adding extensions is a good thing or bad thing. My friend went for a fitting at a higher end golf fitting centre and he was told not to put extensions in and replace the entire shaft with a longer one. This was suggested because extensions alter the characteristics of the club that will cause swing problems. Is this true? I have .5" extensions on all my irons from 4 iron to 60 deg wedge.

  7. When you're ordering a iron set online. How do you determine the amount of irons that is gonna be in the set? For example the Callaway apex forged.