Golf club lie angle address vs impact

Too many players misunderstand how the golf club should rest on the ground at address and how that is different to the way it contacts the ground at impact. In this video Director of Instruction Derek Hooper, explains the differences and what that better understanding can mean for your game.

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  1. many have tried to explain this set of concepts – you've done it here with great clarity and economy – thanks!

  2. thanks for the clarification. I recently was fitted for clubs (never having been previsouly) and some of my clubs were sitting toe up when I unpacked them at home (long irons and the wedges). This makes me less worried. 

  3. Thanks so much. I had been setting the club flat at address. I wonder if that's the cause of my nasty slice.

  4. If one videos their swing in SM, and the right app to draw lines, it becomes obvious address and impact positions vary. Most do not return the club back to impact anyway. So I tried the opposite, set up steeper, my known impact position, and for me, accuracy, distance, showed improved ball striking results. A low takeaway, flat wrist, (I use to have a cupped wrist) contributed to being less steep as well. 1st round on a course, near doubled my GIR.

  5. I've had 2 teacher's for lessons who have never told me this very basic aspect of how to set up at address, it works wonders. Thanks for the upload.

  6. I tried this and had an immediate benefit.  Stopped hooking and felt my wrist action through the ball was better such that my follow through was more classic.  Shot a gross 77 and hadn't broke 80 all season…..thanks for the post

  7. yep, I've been doing this wrong too. I always thought the club sat level at address, causing me to raise my hands, stand to upright and grip way down on the club to compensate. Amazed how little this advice is emphasised.