Golf Downswing Lesson: Hip Turn vs Golf Hip Slide – Which Is Right For You?

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  1. Great explanation, the septic has been a mystery for sometime. May I ask what golf course you’re on, probably the prettiest and most manicured course I’ve seen in a long time, would love to play regularly. Jim S

  2. Great video, I feel I have a pretty decent backswing but I've been coming down too steep and slicing badly. What I've tried to get the feeling for now, is at the top of the backswing, I let my arms fall down in front while I turn my left hip back. As my arms come round I naturally rotate my body to make space for my arms. I now seem to hit the ball much better and straighter. Do you have any other videos talking about shallowing the swing? Thanks Adam.

  3. Another really good explanation Adam, you've got such a nice swing and seem to pure it every time. I'll bet you are a Green-keeper's dream golfer, you don't even bruise the grass, let alone take a divot. Amazing to watch.

  4. Really good video. I am working on this right now trying to figure out what will work best for me