Golf Drill For a Improved Golf Swing

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Golf Drill For a Improved Golf Swing with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks downswing club path and swing direction drill to help most slicers of the golf ball. If you struggle with the driver or the iron slicing off to the right then this drill might just help your golf game and improve your scores. This is another golf swing fix through his iphone, iPad or android golf app.

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  1. Hi mark do you think you could do a comparison between i25 and karsten irons? Thankyou 

  2. What I do is, if I'm swinging from 4 o'clock to 10 o'clock with 9 o'clock being the target I try to keep my right thumb facing 4 o'clock and my right palm facing 1 o'clock (perpendicular). Perfect swing every time.

  3. We need more golf matches with Gorilla and Rory. They are by far my favourite videos to watch that you do!

  4. should we try to move our hands down and try to keep a steepest angle possible with our wrists and club shaft basically?

  5. When I first saw this tip from Mark in an earlier video it was the all time best swing thought for me. I've found it hard to fully groove, but he's right about it completely transforming the swing and ball flight. 

  6. Hi mark can u make a video on should u use iron head covers or not … Thanks loky

  7. Thanks for the video mark.  Dropping the club head behind me has really helped my path.  Along with another video you posted about pushing your back pocket behind you (hip turn) has really improved my contact on a consistent basis.  Thanks for the videos. Keep them coming!

  8. Hi Mark,

    Good Video, but realise that he is also flipping the club head through at impact.  See the position of the club handle and his arms immediately after impact.