Golf Equipment In The Future, By Mark Crossfield

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  1. I think the biggest change in equipement will be that iron shafts get extinct and new rules regarding balls have the biggest impact of all

  2. I think more and more customized/personalized equipment, like Callaway are doing with some of their drivers and the shoe manufacturer's of course. Ordering things with your own little twist will become very popular. I also think that golf equipment companies will keep doing what they've always done, promising the "Extra's" and delivering very little for the average golfer. Golfers will do what they've always done, the cycle will continue. 🐍

  3. I have a Callaway ftiq in my shed. That is my go to driver when my driver turns to 'shall not use the word I really want to here'. But when you think about it the TaylorMade spider putter is similar to that driver with its weights and shape hmmm. Tech borrowed and tech used. People need to stop really wanting a robot to swing for them and just get their coaches to sort them out. Mark, when in Australia. Holla… I could do with a lesson from you bruh

  4. For me as a club player who has not changed his clubs in 20 years but is now doing so, club tech definitely has improved since the mid 1990s. It makes it so much easier to play the game. Comparing old with new on the same lofts (new 7i has similar loft to new 6i, or in case of M2s 5i) the irons go no further than my c.1995 Yonex's, but the new clubs are so much easier to hit. On other hand the new woods are a revelation to me, a good 25 yards longer, straighter on slight miss hits and my new Epic has more loft than my 1995 Yonex (still does not stop me leaking shots to the right though). I hit the new 3w roughly the same distance as my old driver.

    However, for me the fastest way to improve my golf is (a) get some lessons with your local pro then (b) practise at the range and try different things. Today I massively improved my accuracy with short irons after 1 hour on range by simply moving my ball position back a little – I had let it creep forward which is a recurring fault I have