Golf Fan YELLS During Tiger Woods Swing on 18th Hole (Open Championship 2018)

A Golf fan/spectator yells during Tiger’s swing on 18 at the British Open at Carnoustie Golf Links in Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland.

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  1. Hey guys don't take this as being dumb but I'm American a lot of our sports have noise and hecklers… why is golf quiet besides tradition..

  2. Just because you buy a ticket doesn’t entitle you to be a jackass and to all the people saying deal with it stick to other things besides golf your the people who have ruined the sport.

  3. Excuses excuses. Like that hasn’t happened before to other golfers playing with Woods.

    Let it go. Woods reign is over.

  4. Nothing wrong with that. His drive was just fine; in fact, better than he had hit on this previously. Woods clearly know it wouldn't win the event, or any other major, ever again.

  5. After further review, Woods completed his swing after the rowdy noise. No foul, just self-important indulgence by cheater Woods.

  6. Please, the yell happened in to late in the swing to make a difference in contact with the ball, Tiger and his sycophants still looking for excuses. He's had so much pussy he's become one.