GOLF: Fix Early Extension In Your Golf Swing With This One Drill

Fix Early Extension In Your Golf Swing With This One Drill

A lot of players have an early extension issue in their downswing – when the pelvis kicks in towards the ball too early.

We posted this drill about how to ADD rotation to make the extension happen past impact. But, if you added rotation and your still struggling with early extension, I want to make sure you guys have multiple solutions to solve the problem.

In this drill you’ll use a bucket and an alignment stick to modify how your legs and the pressure in your feet will move – ultimately correcting your body motion.


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  1. EE the #1 problem that almost every amateur struggles with. Funny how everyone talks about the chair drill but never addresses the true root problem. This should be the drill that everyone focuses on.

  2. Isn't EE a shallowing moving because the golfer is too step in transition ? If the golfer learns to shallow club, won't the body automatically stop EE and rotating more so that the golfer can hit the ball ?