Golf Forging Video – Long Version (Japan)

Here is the long version of the Japanese Forging Process that KZG uses.

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  1. Fascinating video, what a shame that many western nations have moved away from manufacturing…
    We used to makes cars in Birmimgham UK; now we barely make a mess πŸ™

  2. that's done after market in golf shops and such as most club manufacturers and a lot of pro shops consider spining shafts is a load of rubbish and does nothing

  3. WTH?? All that fancy work and they still can't make a club that hits the ball straight?? I know the problem is not me…….

  4. I've played blades all my life , for me this is like watching a " How God created the world in 7 manufactoring Process's "

  5. Pretty sure ur swing sucks that's why u always blame the damn club . It's called intense practice buddy . Without practice how the hell are ya gonna get better??

  6. Now i know why golf club expensive ^_^. after saw this video feel cheaper.let's go buy some golf club.

  7. looks pretty much like the process Vega has posted on their official homepage showing how their clubs are made….