Golf Gadgets® | Golf Bag Video Recording & Device Mounting System Using Your Phone or Tablet. Capture Footage on the Course or Range. (Flexible Bag Pole)

Nobody around to hold your device while practicing your swing or playing a round of golf? Get a solid grip on your Smartphone or Tablet and easily mount any device while at the practice range or on the course. This universal mounting system offers increased stability and control, making it easy to aim the camera and frame your shots with confidence. Also works with GoPro Cameras. This Bag Pole system with flexible arm offers a super strong hold, allowing you to mount your devices by placing this pole inside your golf bag, golf cart, or push cart. Now its easier than ever to analyze your swing and quickly review the footage to correct mistakes in real time. Use your phone, tablet, or phablet to capture swing footage on the range. Tripods are tough to carry, and they do not fit in your golf bag. This unique mountings system folds up to easily fit in your bag, or golf cart. Now you can easily record your swing at the range, or on the course while playing. This mounting kit is also great for use for other activities, like camping, boating, family events, and more. Use your phone or table to record video anywhere with this high quality mounting system. Constructed using actual steel, so it won’t break. This is hand crafted in the USA!

Product Features

  • SWING RECORDING – This premium device mounting system for golf bags that is without peer. Combining style and convenience with rock solid performance, your device mounting system will work perfectly whether you’re riding on a golf cart, hoofing it with a stand bag or spending the day at the range
  • TABLET MOUNT – Also includes a universal Tablet Mount, which works with ANY device, phone or tablet. This can be easily inserted into any golf bag (on or off a cart), to provide an easy way to use your tablet for swing recording, review, and training purposes.
  • ON THE RANGE – Universal Phone or Tablet Clamp attaches to the flexible metal extension and steel rod to provide a secure hold on your device so it will stay in place. Easy to view the screen and replay video to review your swing.
  • ANY BAG- works with virtually all golf bags including Nike, Callaway, PING, Titleist, Mizuno, Taylor Made and Ogio. The Golf Gadgets Pole also carries a 2 year warranty. If you break it, we’ll fix it.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – Universal tablet/phone clamp, professional mini-ball head, 12″ heavy duty vinyl-covered flex arm, metal bag adapter (keeps pole from spinning) and WHITE base Steel Monopod (made in USA).

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  1. This device is helping me hone in on the swing that I feel comfortable with while getting good results