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A game of golf is all about the movement of the arms. The energizing sequence in the downswing action starts from the ground-up with a pelvic shift-rotational movement, unlike the upswing. A golfer actively rotates his pelvis at the start of the downswing, using ground resistance forces to torque (twist force) his pelvis in a shift-rotational manner. Shortly after that, the upper torso (shoulders) starts rotating around a rightwards tilted spine. It is an important aspect of golf since a game of golf makes use of the hands.

 Some of the torque or twisting force is applied in rotating a golfer’s upper trunk. It is a force that is transmitted from the lower trunk to a golfer’s upper part of the body through the spine and external torso.

 But most of the torque forces emanate from a golfer’s active muscle constriction of mid-upper trunk muscles. The combined rotation of both the upper and lower torso represents the pivot action, and this action is what drives the swing from a swing force perspective.

 The arms will not be active in a swing that is pivot-driven, and the arms are flung around the rotating torso as a result of the pivot-driven downswing action.

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