Golf: Golf Tips and Strategies That Make an Amateur a Pro (Consistently Break 90) (Golf Instructions, Golf Putting, Golf Swing Instructions, Golf Books, … Golf Tips for Beginners, Golf Digest, Golf)

Discover proven tips and strategies to play like a pro and consistently break 90

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Are you a beginner in golf, just got your first set of golf clubs and can’t wait to try them out? Are you a long time amateur player but have hit a ceiling, where your game isn’t getting any better despite the fact that you feel that there’s still room for improvement? Maybe you’re just looking for new strategies to try out. Well, this book is written just for you.

Improving your Game of Golf is a step by step guide on golf. It covers everything from stance, to grip, to knowing when and where to use each club.

Despite the fact that we view golf as a complex game with difficult rules and techniques, this book tackles one aspect of golf at a time, demystifying it and giving tips and strategies on how to bring out your best game. Improving your Game of Golf is a gem, especially for beginners. At the end of your reading this book, you will hit the range and become a professional

• You will be able to cultivate a swing speed while you break open the fairways with military precision.

• You will enhance your ball strike and the iron play. In a quest to improve your game, you will make your way out of the bunker-like a professional.

• By using diversities of styles, you will hit unique flop shots forty yards away. In a masterly approach, you will exhibit excellent control with a proper tempo, thus becoming the great golfer you have always desired to be.

• You will become a master of fix-it with the full use of your body to beget great victories. A look at your swing will reveal will become the envy of other golfers who put brain before brawn to execute that unforgettable stinger.

So the place of professionalism in golf that you have been looking for has been catered for in this book. I believe your fears of becoming the next Tiger Woods have been assuaged and you will hit the range running after reading this book

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  1. A Hole-in-One type of Book. Priceless Information. Golf is quite possibly one of the most frustrating sports, make it things, I partake in. Being an avid player since I can remember, I rarely break 90. Roger Woods provides priceless tips in Golf: Golf Tips and Strategies….I know I will be using them to improve my game.There are plenty of people out there struggling with this game, as it is an individual sport, and to be able to find a book full of easy to implement, great suggestions is a relief. I love how the Author gave a…

  2. Make an Amateur a Pro Wow! I love this book. This is what I am looking for. I am fond of playing Golf and fortunately I am one of the best participants in my campus before. Unfortunately, I think there is a lack with my strategies and I want to better my skills and knowledge of it. Luckily, I found this eBook and I grab it immediately without a question. All information provided are invaluable which is easy to implement. I am not regretful purchasing this book because all details, ideas, strategies and even tips…