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If you’re looking to build an effortless swing it all starts with the grip and setup. This tip explains that I am holding onto the club securely yet my wrists are loose.

So may people I see get the false impression they are loosening their arms and wrists when really they are simply letting go of the club. In no way am I letting go of the club. My grip is secure but it’s my wrists that are loose.

If you find yourself letting go of the club, I show a drill in this tip that allows you to secure the grip. I did this drill many years ago because I saw myself letting go of the club.

To get this secure grip I literally did this drill for 1 month. Now, you don’t have to do it as much as I did if you don’t want to. I just felt that I wanted to guarantee I never let go of the club ever again. To date, I never have.

So check your grip. This really is a vital part of developing a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing.

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  1. What if a person doesn't have flexible wrists and cant get anywhere near 90 degrees of cock at the top? (that's me). If I use loose wrists the club head always outraces my hands to the ball and I hit thin bladed shots. The faster I swing my hands to keep them ahead of the club head, the faster the club head goes and I still cast the club and hit bladed or thin shots.

  2. Paul, can you do a video tip on flattening out the shaft in transition? I really need help with this. Love your videos. Thanks

  3. Love your videos Paul, however, this is the first time I've ever heard you explain the "loose grip" like this. In fact, I've always had the impression that you wanted 'everything' loosened up. Now you're making sense… thank you.

  4. Paul, great videos! Very enlightening. Question – could you do a video on the short game, e.g. pitches and chips? Is it the same loose wrist philosophy?

  5. Paul Wilson is a true teacher. Highly recommend Body Swing. I have not perfected the swing yet, but I'm making better contact than ever before. More importantly, I know how to make adjustments. Paul explains the swing in terms I can relate to. He is the real deal and I hope to work with him in Vegas one day.

  6. Paul, I discovered your videos about 30 days ago. Using your methods, I have increased my driver speed from low-mid 90s MPH to lower 110s MPH. Very importantly, I have eliminated the pain in my right side S1 joint. I plan to book some time at your school soon. Thank you!