Golf Gruva! Most advanced Golf Swing Trainer ever! The Golf Gruva! The Golf Gruva is our signature product and the most advanced on the market. This training system with its unique multi-swing-plane design will conquer and withstand your biggest swing challenges. As the most detailed swing trainer available, you’ll see results in your first time on the Golf Gruva! The revolutionary multi-plane-swing system is set up for each individual according to height and is adjustable and collapsible for easy storage. This system will diagnose your swing faults, and give you instant feedback to reinforce the best parts of your swing and let you feel where you’re going wrong. Expect instant improvement in your scoring! Simply follow the path to excellence. Get ready to be impressed!

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  1. what a load of rubbish. Put a tee peg in the end of your club and use that as a guide for the plane of your golf swing relative to the ball,  cost  2p.

  2. really awesome piece of equipment, I can't think how much of a help this would be, even for a more advanced golfer with some quirks in his swing

  3. Amaizing…
    (for those who think that they will not have time for this… it means that they are satisfied with their swing wich is full of mistakes ) 
    this is just an exemple, i meane this swing structure (Gurva) … but even with simple exercices you can have a perfect swing…. hit the ball correctly.. participate in PGA may be …  

  4. And at state 4 his hips are way to forward.  Well I guess he's focused on his club angle at that moment.

  5. This weird looking thing only explains how a perfect swing should be…it doesn't help you to swing better, that's stupid

  6. What a load of shit. Just hit the ball the way your body allows and have some fun. 98% of us are not professionals and are never going to be. All these devices and drills etc (and there are hundreds of them) are useless.

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  9. For anyone who thinks this will damage the shafts of your club…realize there is a shaft cover that comes with this that you slip on so that shoud not happen. He has it on his club but just doesn't show you

  10. After you hit the ball, it is irrelevant what you do with your body.  The ball is already gone.  You could twerk if you wanted to and the balls trajectory will be unchanged.  I know; I've tried it.

  11. Great for showing you how much your swing plane moves between the back swing and downswing.

  12. i have a steep fast nick price looking iron swing with good results but this is just a fantastic modern approach .

  13. This thing is great ! there is a pin to pull at the bottom allowing it to completely collapse and fit into your bag, then you can pop it out on the tee box and impress everyone with your new swing mate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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