GOLF: How To Add 30+ Yards To Your Driver With One Downswing Move

How To Add 30+ Yards To Your Driver With One Downswing Move

Sometimes the way folks initiate the downswing with the driver is a little bit off and it ends up costing them a lot of distance.

We know there is a correlation between angle of attack – or how your club head approaches the ball – and distance off the tee. Relative to the same club head speed, increasing angle of attack can add significant distance to your drives.

Joe Mayo recently put out a video where he describes how when watching really good drivers of the golf ball you will see that from the top of their backswing the club head center of mass moves upward, back behind them and around towards the target.

What I see more of is people working the club head and hands down and towards the ball. The problem with that is that makes the angle of attack too steep. You can hit the ball solid and hit fairways this way, but you are costing yourself distance.

You want the club head to take the widest circle possible to the golf ball for the best angle of attack and optimum distance.

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  1. Reminiscent of Mike Austin's move – Austin used to say you throw the club from the top of the back swing. He wanted you to come through the ball with your right as if you were skipping a stone across a body of water..

  2. i found this last week i gained 30 yards easy i just feel like im casting behind my right ear, but now i have more information thanks Eric

  3. Wow that's the exact opposite of what CBS analyst Peter Kostis states when they do slow motion. He states that on the down swing their hands actually get closer to their body on downswing

  4. It seems like you are talking directly to me. I always focused more on accuracy than distance in y practice but I I also felt I should be hitting more than 250 yards. I will try this. Thank you.