Golf: How to Break 90 (Golf Strategies, Golf Swing, Golf Tips, Putting, Chipping, Pitching)

Want To Be More Competitive and Shoot in the 80s?

Take your game to the next level and reduce your handicap even further!

You probably are playing the best golf of your life. However no matter what you do or no matter how well you play, breaking 90 seems like an impossible task. To break 90, you need more than just hitting the ball decently. You’ve learned and probably mastered the basics well but in this book, you will find more technical and advanced tips that will surely help you bring more variety to your game.

˃˃˃ Not Comfortable Around The Green?

Don’t worry, this book will focus more on the short game and get you comfortable around the green. In fact, statistics say that most shots are actually lost just around the green and if you can master it, you will surely shave off strokes from your game.

This book will also show you drills you can use around the green, to further improve your short game.

˃˃˃ Golf is More Than Just Skill, it’s Also How Well You Read the Course Conditions

Mis-read the wind wrong, and your easy par can turn into a double-par. Great golfers not just practice their swing, they also read the course conditions well and have an arsenal of shots to use.

Don’t Waste One More Second and Grab This Book to Finally Shoot in the 80s!

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