This video discusses how the upper body should move in the downswing, a lot of golfers have questions about the golf swing and often over look the importance of the how much the upper body affects your ability to not only keep the club on plane but help trigger huge amounts of rotation in the golf swing.

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People often go for swing training programs, and use training aids in hope that they can improve their golf swing. They look for tips and advice but the only way you can really improve your golf is to understand how to sequence the golf swing correctly, once you understand this then you have the have a chance to make some swing changes.

This video shows professional golf swings in slow motion, so you can clearly see exactly what needs to happen in the golf swing.

As ever this video tries to explain everything in the most basic way so you can make changes to your game and start to improve your golf.

Everything in this video can also be used for the driver too, and will help you create huge amounts of club head speed.

Finally if your a senior, junior, lady or Professional golfers these tips will help you.

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  1. Interesting and I feel very relevant subject in the swing and well explained – only, I wonder if weight shift isn't playing still an important role in the sequence ?

  2. Went to the range after the previous video about the right elbow position and found I could clip the ball for the first time and achieve more distance in a straight line. Used an 8 iron and 5 wood brilliant! Started using my driver and found the contact to be really bad. After watching the above video I now realise that although I had the right elbow in position I did not keep the shoulders dipped and rotating, ie. I was starting to stand up and try and help the ball off the raised tee. Think I have the gist of it now. Great tuition. Appreciated.

  3. The player at 5:40 really illustrates this. How deep his right elbow gets. When I tried to slow mo do this in the living room I found itโ€™s a completely different feeling than I usually have. I feel so close to the ground if that makes sense. Great video.

  4. Good stuff…for me if I pin my left arm against my chest no matter how hard I try I cannot release the golf club I have to have a wide takeaway then it just seems to release naturally.

  5. Another great video Russell. Everything you said is spot on, in my opinion. Especially the part where you said "don't just dismiss it". I think a lot of people would do this for a variety of reasons, e.g. "too old", too stubborn to change, don't get instant results, don't want to mess up their handicap, don't want to embarrass themselves by hitting "bad" shots while learning something new. Does this sound familiar to you, im betting you see these problems on a daily basis?

  6. The content you put out is far and away better than most on YouTube but sounds quality is a bit lacking. Would recommend investment in a quality mic.

  7. Great vid Russ… I have a chronic problem with standing up with the driver( probably cause I'm always trying to hit it to the moon )and I'm hoping i can work on that with your instruction… keep it coming bro

  8. Great video Russell. Easy to get stuck in a stall as you mention and lose strike, shape and distance. This is a terrific reminder of completing key swing components

  9. Planned to spend 2/3 hrs working on the range with this move but after 40mins I was just hitting 90% of my shots straight so onto the course same again pure gold as someone else said top man russ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  10. To clarify, you shift pressure into left heel first, keeping belt buckle pointed down, then the right elbow and shoulder drop?

  11. These videos have been so helpful in developing a usable swing. Your explanations have been concise with the caveat that you have to put in the time and effort to get better. Keep up the good work.

  12. If I do this move and dump behind the ball would it be lack of rotation or swinging to inside on the down swing?

  13. Hi Russell. Your videos are great but I do have a question about this one; a lot of the theory / coaching Iโ€™m seeing at the moment suggests first move in transition is left shoulder and hip going down then around. Unless Iโ€™m misunderstanding youโ€™re saying fist move is left shoulder up right shoulder down? Thanks very much.

  14. Great video, great tips! I think youโ€™ve answered a lot of questions that golfers like me donโ€™t even know how to ask. Keep up the good work! Thanks!