GOLF: How To Perfect Your Takeaway In Detail

GOLF: How To Perfect Your Takeaway

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This is a VERY detailed video. When things go off in your takeaway, it can cause problems later in your swing. So, this is everything you need to know from the ground up to perfect your takeaway – feet, knees, legs, hips, chest & shoulders, arms, hands and club. At the end I break it down a bit for you and give you guys some drills to get you perfectly from that set-up position to first parallel.


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  1. Hi Eric! Great video!:)
    However, I remember an older video about the takeaway where you put a tee into the top of the club!
    You told us that the tee should touch the right knee during the takeaway….does not at all seem to be applied in this video!??
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. What’s your favored pre-takeaway move to initiate the swing? Forward press? Waggle? Alternate small weight transfers between the feet? Small hip twist? Lift right heel slightly and reset to initiate the swing?

  3. Exceptionally helpful video. Two questions- on the down the line view, the left arm seems to come away from the chest a bit as you turn- is this an illusion or true movement;? should the right elbow begin to bend a little as you start the takeaway or not at all ( some advocate a completely straight right arm in the takeaway)

  4. One other question- is there any attempt to extend the arms away from the body – some talk about pushing the club back- or does the turn alone determine the distance of the hands from the right hip? I think the pushing back idea gets the hands further away than you suggest.

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