GOLF: How To Practice Golf And Fix The 4 Most Common Swing Flaws

How To Practice Golf
And Fix The 4 Most Common Swing Flaws

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In this video I’m offering up one simple fix for the four most common swing flaws I see.

Here are the four most common flaws that I see:

1) Takeaways that get jacked up – this would be hands away from the body club head inside – some sort of takeaway error outside of normal.

2) Backswing plane – too many amateur golfers get too flat and too laid off.

3) Wrist conditions – This can happen all the way during the backswing, all the way during the downswing, and all the way into the fall through. The left wrist gets too cupped, the right wrist gets too flat.

4) Downswing swing direction – I see people that get too far inside out and I see people that get too far outside.

If you’re trying to fix one of those flaws, you have to understand two things.

First, you have to do the opposite of what you’re currently doing. If you have one of those for flaws, think about the movements you make. The fix is you have to do the opposite. Second you must understand the need for exaggeration. I’m talking big exaggeration. You must feel a foot, two feet, a mile to even change it a little tiny bit.

Knowing those two things, here are the fixes for the four most common flaws.

Takeaway – If your have the most common takeaway error, which is hands out club in, you want to do the opposite of that. If my club head works too far in, I want it too far out. And when doing this, you don’t want to go from too far inside to normal. If you want it to get normal, you have to feel like the club head is about a thousand feet outside – a thousand! – to get one. You’re not going for normal. You need to exaggerate in the beginning.

Backswing Plane – Too many people get the shaft way laid down because often they rotate their forearms too much. What’s the opposite of horizontal? Vertical – SUPER Vertical.

Wrist Conditions – So, if the left wrist is getting to cupped or the right wrist is too flat, what’s the opposite? You will bow the left wrist and bend the right wrist bent back. You would do it as much as you can do in the beginning. You’re not trying to go from bad to good. You’re trying to go from bad to PAST GOOD.

Downswing Swing Direction – My downswing swing direction is too far inside out. So, for me to fix it, I have to feel the club too far outside in. In lesson one, when I tried to fix this, I felt like I was swinging a million degrees outside and like I was hitting the biggest slice in the world and the ball kept going straight. And that’s the point

If you’re too far inside coming down, you’re going to have to feel like it’s more over the top whether you’re doing it with just your arms and hands or you’re doing it through rotation. It’s got to feel more over the top. If you’re too far over the top, you have to feel like the club is a country mile behind you coming down.It needs to feel so unbelievable if you’re trying to move it several inches.

When you are practicing by yourself and working on fixing these – or any – swing flaws you must, must, must have feedback to know exactly what you are doing. Use videos or a mirror or training aids so you have feedback.


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  1. Greatest golf video ever. I have gotten back into golf after 15 years off with injury. I left the game as a self taught 11 handicap. I have used a bunch of your amazing videos and I now have a much better understanding of the actual swing – something I just did not know 15 years ago. I have been practicing a bunch on the range the last two months relearning and building a new more fundamentally correct swing with basically everything you are highlighting here – and just shot Par playing 9 holes from the tips of a vacation course. I wish this kind of material was available 25 years ago when I first taught myself. The Alignment Stick sticking out of the ball bucket to remove any over the top downswing and a flat left wrist at the top and I now have the ability to hit repeated basically straight golf shots. Now just have to start building up my confidence to hit those shorter pitch shots again. Awesome stuff. Big Fan. Paul

  2. More common sense swing advice from the most common sense golf instructor online. Golf is hard, there''s no getting around that, but your videos have helped me a ton (and thousands of others I'm sure) so thank you for that.

  3. Great video Eric….glad I found your channel. What are your favorite swing aids to help you….especially with your "in to out" swing problem you mentioned in this video. Thanks again for all your content…….I'm a new loyal subscriber

  4. Another insightful video. I'd never heard about moving a mile to go an inch but it reminded me of something that happened to me about 35 years ago. I had continued playing through a shoulder injury and when my shoulder finally healed, my game grossly deteriorated. I went from consistently shooting 2 or 3 over par to 20 over par consistently. I was shanking, hitting the ball all over the place and suffered a dramatic loss of distance. I was miserable and had to suffer through all the "helpful" suggestions of my golfing buddies. One day I was playing with a friend who was a retired teaching pro who part-way through the front nine came over to me and said, "I know what you're doing wrong". I was rude to him, saying that I was sick and tired of all the bullshit I was hearing about my swing. We finished the front nine (I was 11 over par). It was a miserable day and it started raining. We stopped in the clubhouse to have a coffee, which gave me time to calm down and apologize to my friend. He graciously accepted the apology but insisted he knew what I was doing wrong. To explain, he said we should go to the tenth tee (no-one was on the course and it was still raining) and hit a few balls. To humor him, I agreed.

    He asked me to tee up a ball and start my back-swing. When I did this, he said I was taking the club back too far on the inside. Try again. I tried and he again said I was still too far inside. Try again. I tried again and he said again I was still too far inside. I was getting pissed off so when I tried the fourth backswing, I threw the club ridiculously to the outside of my swing path. He said "perfect"! Now do the same thing and hit the ball. I just knew this would be a comical banana slice. I wasn't. The ball flew my (previously) normal distance, down the middle with my (previously) normal gentle fade. Wow! Shocking! I hit a couple more balls with the same result.

    I shot 2 over on the back nine. I went a mile to go an inch! So true.

    Thanks for the video.

  5. More & more top player's are getting there backswing plane more vertical for clubhead speed, 2 plane swings. Rory, Justin Thomas, Dustin on wedge shots. Strong grips need bowed left wrists to shallow plane on downswing. Adam Scott has changed his take away to more inside rotation. More player's are getting injured now more than ever before. "Gotta get 10 mph more!" That is what Trackman said.

  6. Would you recommend working on one of those things at a time, or all together? Also, if I bow my left wrist in the backswing, isn't that going to automatically make it a flatter backswing?

  7. Great video Eric. I really like the way that simplify your explanations and speak TO your audience vs. AT your audience as many others do in the YouTube universe. I am becoming more of a fan each video and already mentioned your channel to a few of my golf buddies here in Panama to check out. Keep 'em coming!