Chris Ryan PGA Professional and Senior Coach at The Belfry explains the ‘Heavy CLub Head’ drill and shows how this can help you improve your swing.

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  1. Chris, I've been working on this and I'm finding some great results generally. However, I'm struggling with occasionally finding the low point of my swing is happening before the ball, and am therefore hitting a few sloppy shots with a fair bit of ground being hit. Is this normal initially and should it improve?

  2. chris i think if you made a point to steepen the club in the backswing it would help to emphasize shallowing on downswing

  3. Hi Chris,

    what is your trick to shallow the club; with the left wrist, or right elbow or doesn't it matter how?


  4. Chris, when the clubhead "falls", does the trail elbow drops to the side of your body as well as the body starts to rotate?

  5. Great drill! I'm finding that at the top of my back swing I'm NOT allowing the head to fall back as you state and it I've noticed it on video that its not shallow at all. Hopefully I can keep practicing a few of your drills and make the desirable changes. Never noticed how bad my swing looked until I video taped myself and noticed a lot of errors and inconsistencies.
    Thanks Chris!

  6. Hello Chris, to me personally bowing the left wrist like that is the same as having a weak grip and poor impact. By the way, please explain the direction b/w the butt of the shaft toward safe zone (the distance b/w the ball and the feet). It seem to me the butt looks down in backswing, looks vertical as in yr vid during transit, and looks down again in downswing. 3 line position of the shaft should happen in 2 seconds (from back to downswing for impact). Only Ben Hoogan did that!

  7. I think the point that you are trying to make is to let your arms fall naturally in the transition … feeling the club head fall a LITTLE BIT will keep you from going over the top and give your lower body time to get into a braced position for better balance.

  8. Poor Chris Ryan: it all starts to go wrong for him at 3:30/5:26 when he demonstrates an outside in downswing while trying to teach a shallowed downswing which should result in an inside out downswing. Then, at 4:10/5:26 he chunk hooks a seven iron; thereby, displaying that he has no idea how to pull off this technique he is trying to teach. Here's how: Chris, lay the club off like you did, and then, simultaneously pull down with the right elbow and out or down with the left. Out, towards the target for a driver, and down, towards the back third of the ball for an iron. I've done this about 100 times since I found the technique on meandmygolf with Piers and Andy. By the way, P&A explain the concept better because they make the analogy of dragging the clubhead down a brick wall located about two feet behind the driver. One caveat: if you don't move your body right, you'll hit weak, dead straight shots. Better go to P&A's website to find out about that.The worst thing about this video is that at 4:55/5:26 Ryan hits a solid straight shot using his old technique. Sad.