GOLF: How To Shallow Your Downswing In Two Easy Steps

How To Shallow Your Downswing In Two Easy Steps

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Similar to the rotation video we posted, what you do in the setup or backswing or before you make your downswing is incredibly important and has a big influence on your downswing.

To shallow out your downswing, when you make a backswing there is an equal and opposite effect. When you go back, the more you go vertical the easier it will be to shallow out coming down.

The right arm and shoulder are the second piece here. If you play other sports – baseball, tennis or football – the right arm and shoulder throwing or hitting motion is pretty similar to what you want to shallow the club.

For you guys and girls that are still steep or still over the top, these are two pieces you can work that are really going to help you.

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  1. Nihao Eric! I've just found and watched your videos for 2 days and my golf game is totally changed and you saved my ass! Thanks so much!! My 7 iron went from 120 to 170 yards with not much effort.

  2. I wish all golfers could watch this video 👍🏻👍🏻. There are still so many out there who think a flat backswing automatically gives a shallow angle of attack. Worse still they try to teach this to others 😬 not understanding the opposite effect on the downswing. 😄

  3. Excellent. This should really help a lot of people. Mirror work to realtime visualize swing changes like this can be very helpful to speed up the learning process.

  4. I tend to attack my swing from the top and am guessing that in itself can create an over the top path regardless of the path of my backswing. My sequencing needs work. It's hard in the Northeast to not loose the gains from the previous season.

    What you're pointing out here is exactly what Jim Furyk does, right? Although his club can be almost beyond vertical on the way back. It obviously doesn't hurt him to have that loop but how does one avoid that loop when maintaining a closer to vertical club through the backswing followed by the shallowing? (I suppose if on can swing like Furyk, it wouldn't matter)

  5. Eric, I discovered you a few weeks ago. Your channel is one of the best, if not the best, golf channels on youtube. And I know many of them.

  6. It’s the A swing concept but smoother and the arms move more freely. I like it. I might have to go to this so my legs are more quiet. Too much twisting in the back and knees. Thanks Eric

  7. Same thought as Gregory. Looks like Ledbetter A swing but not as radical. Thanks ERIC. Joe

  8. I noticed you telling this student to keep his right elbow away from body to shallow out swing. In another video you advise keeping right arm more tucked to body using a clove under arm pit. This was a getting stuck video. Which do you advocate? Or are they two different issues?

  9. Great stuff ,, my biggest problem is coming over the top , will defo be trying this at the range . You’ve got some really good videos , again great stuff 👍👍

  10. Just found this page a few weeks ago. Loving the great information. Thanks! Game changer for sure.

  11. Eric, can't tell you how much I appreciate these videos you are making, they are truly helping my game. Thank You!!!