GOLF: How To Take A Divot And Compress The Ball – Eric Cogorno Golf Lesson

GOLF: How To Take A Divot And Compress The Ball – Eric Cogorno Golf Lesson

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This is a portion of an in-person lesson I had with Bill. Bill struggles to compress the ball because his downswing gets too far from the inside and too shallow to the ground. In this clip we’re going over his top priorities to fix the issue and practice stations that will help him tackle one of the main ones – getting his swing direction more left.

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  1. Great video Eric, all golfers need to learn this skill and it's a vital part of golf improvement especially with your irons. That set up position is so key and I love the explanation of equal and opposites and how easy it is to stand up more in the downswing if you're too hunched over at address. Cheers

  2. Yup…..this is me all the way. For all the millions of “stop your slice” videos out there there are some of us who fight the other way. I have found the techniques shown here have really helped my driver too. Turning some ugly hooks into straighter, further and occasional baby fades. Great job Eric.

  3. Great video Eric! I like the pool noodle guide.. I'll have to try this out for sure! I rarely take Divots with my irons.. I think I have the same issue. Too bent over..

  4. Hey Eric great video. I also learned a lot from the swing imprint training system. Can you share on how you built the noodle in this video? Especially the wood platform to the swivel part. I live in Michigan and getting ready for indoor practice. Thanks

  5. Very helpful. I’ve noticed during warmups if I try to hit a cut ball I drill it straight with compression. But when I lose that feel I either over draw or hit high weak shots. Going to do this drill for sure

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