Golf Impact Labels (50 Pack)

GREAT for the beginner or advanced golfer – Golf Impact Labels brings you the quality you are looking for in a impact label. Our packs are a cost effective way to identify one of the most important parts of the golf swing – hitting the golf ball in the center of the club. Use these on the range or even while playing a casual round of golf. Utilizing Golf Impact Labels consistently will help you control your ball.

Product Features

  • Each sheet contains 4 impact labels for a total of 200
  • Each sheet contains 2 iron impact labels, 1 driver impact label, and 1 universal impact label (hybrid/fairway wood/putter)
  • Each impact label can be used multiple times (approx 7 times)
  • Impact labels are removable and will not damage your club’s face
  • Impact labels identify precise location of where the golf ball strikes the club face

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  1. A very nice tool for practice feedback (UPDATE)I wanted to update the review of this product. Several months ago, the company (Golf Impact Labels) sent me a new package of labels to try out. They have been greatly improved and I am happily using them for all my practice at home and at the range. The new version are thicker, never tear, and peel off quite easily! I also have found that any sticker (as I have tried others) will be hard to peel after 9-10 strikes, so I usually remove them after 7-8 now – which is actually the…