Golf | Improve Contact, Low Point With Arm Structure and Extension

Golf | Improve Contact In Your Golf Swing With This Lesson

Alistair Davies gives this great golf lesson that will help you easily improve your contact for your golf swing by explaining some important concepts and feel you need to have through the ball and into the finish.

Improve contact, low point and ballstriking.

Too many golfers allow the arms to swing down and at the ball. And the arm structure around the post impact area. A little but like the chicken wing

Hit half shots with extending arms out and up to target.

Half shots can make a huge change to your golf swing. Look for these check points

Fully extended finish.

Arms close together

Tailbone past the middle point of the stance

With the simple golf tips to feel like your heart is going up and through to the finish

A consistent contact is perhaps the most important factor for a good golf swing and the reason why PGA tour players have consistency and power with seemingly effortless golf swings

So here Alistair Davies, The Art of Simple Golf Contributor gives a golf swing lesson that increase distance and consistency that gives you the ball striking you want on the golf course when fear strikes and tension kills.

This will give you more consistency on all your golf shots

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  1. Wow, great analogy! Do you have a drill for hitting the ball from the inside? I am totally frustrated with late release, my club head on downswing outside my hands which kills my distance and prevents me from getting any divots on my irons. Thank you in advance!

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