Golf Instruction: How to Properly ROTATE YOUR chest in the GOLF Swing

George Gankas (GGswingtips) is providing insight into his personal lessons with Top Ranked American Junior golfers.

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  1. That's a fabulous lesson. If you have your Arms coming in front of you with chest opening. Is it a matter of hitting that 4 o clock position to stop the path going left?

  2. DUDE,  Golf epiphany right there.  My exact issue is that my sequencing has been destroying my game for years and could never figure it out.   This lesson is an eye opener.

  3. Great vids GG. Instead of "pulling the handle" what's a good swing thought? Thanks for all the content, it's a huge help.

  4. George,
    How do i get the shaft more vertical on the take away. Is that a function of bending the right elbow sooner in the back swing?thx

  5. I'm sure you know exactly what you're talking about but your teaching is way to technical for my liking. That poor kid looks miserable. All he wants to do is hit balls and have someone make simple corrections. I wonder what opinions if any Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus would have regarding your style of teaching? Are you a Sean Foley disciple?