Golf Irons Review, Blades or Cavity Back Golf Clubs

iPhone app Mark Crossfield hits two golf clubs to compare how they might help or hurt your golf game. Watch Mark Crossfueld hit the two irons, one a cavity back iron and the other a bladed golf club. See how good each iron if when hit off centre.

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  1. @mobetter1000 My guess is that they set up square to the ball but the natural beginner swing is a fade or slice so its out to in so when the club is in then they hit the ball on the toe

  2. right now i use titliest ac108 do you think i could use taylormade mcs. im a 30 handicapper but im good at hitting the sweetspot

  3. right now i use titliest ac108 do you think i could use taylormade mcs or mp53. im a 30 handicapper but im good at hitting the sweetspot

  4. @superscootkid Oh well then you better start working on that! My handicap is 13 and i finish with like 18 putts….it bugs me how good i COULD be.

  5. Hi Mark, I'm 16 and a 23 handicapper but I shoot 10,11,12 over I just haven't been cut because I haven't played many competitions I only have a £100 set of lynx irons and I want to get a new set I hit my irons sweetly and don't duff any of my iron shots do you think I should try blades or stick to cavity backed clubs? cheers:)

  6. hello mark, im 15 and i am a 20 handicapper, however i play to 5,6 or 7, i just haven't played much in comps… i am currently using 1 inch longer palm springs irons which rant the best i must admit… i am 6 ft 4 and was wondering whether you had any advice on what irons would suit me best? havent really got a limit as it will be my birthday present, i hope you reply! thanks mark!

  7. Mark the MP58 is not bad, but i think you are over exaggerating on the pain. first of all with Mizuno's flow grain design is actually the softest clubs on the market. you can actually feel his pain when you hit it on the toe of other blade clubs such as titleist, wilson, cleveland, and etc. but not Mizuno.

  8. I would really appreciate your opinion, I have grown up hitting blades, I have old macgregor master golf blades, I am looking to buy a new set of blades that are under 800 dollars, if you could give me a good opinion on what set I should be hitting I would much appreciate it. I am struggling to find a decent set of good clubs.

  9. help which to get? for newbie practice and good starter club.. New Cobra S2 6-Iron RH w/ NS Pro Stiff Steel Shaft – or New Cobra SZ 6-Iron RH w/ Stiff Flex YS-60 Graphite Shaft or Taylor Made R9 6 iron (Graphite Fujikura Motore Regular) 6i Golf Club NEW

  10. the reason your so bad at hitting with the blade because your not good enough,oh and your swing is rubbish

  11. If you havn't bought a set yet. I highly suggest looking for a good set of Mizuno Mp 14's. Should be able to find a set for under $300. Peace

  12. i switched from callaway forged diablo to mp 58 and i strike the ball much better. i hit much more GIRs

  13. Surely blades are more efficient than cavity's its like hitting in a peg with a mallet or a frying pan

  14. absolutely pointless video..cavity irons are always going to be more forgiving for miss hit shots..he should then make a comparison for shots hit out of the middle..then there is no better feeling than with a blade

  15. This is a great idea for a video.  I lose you though because after you hit the cavity back it sounds like your trackman says smash factor "1.9".  I am not hearing it correctly or something isn't working right: a smash factor of 1.9 is not possible.  You are only going to get about a 1.5 smash factor with a perfectly struck low lofted driver, and as you work down through the irons the smash factor will decrease.  This fact is well studied and documented.  There is no way you are getting a 1.9 smash factor with that iron.  Either I am mishearing your video or your Trackman needs to be calibrated or given repairs.  I still say this is a great idea for a video because I am very interested to know how the two smash factors would compare; the video still leaves me in the dark though because 1.9 is not a valid measurement for smash factor so I don't know what your real smash factor was with that cavity back.  

  16. I think you may only be a fraction correct on this. I've played all kinds of irons and I think the cavity back theory, and perimeter weighting is almost total marketing blather. I get worse feel on miss hit cavities than blades. All clubs go where you hit them. Distance is simply your energy plus loft. I have cavities that go less far than my blades. Plus, when you are talking about hitting a light ball with such a small club it hardly matters where the weight is shifted on the club. Clubs twist because of hands that are too weak at impact, maybe not strong enough as they tighten through the swing. And hand sting is partly the fault of crappy shafts. And expensive graphite can feel horrible also. Golf swing tips, equipment tips are for the most part all smoke and mirrors.

  17. You sway back a bit. Try keeping the lower body as still as you can. Helped me a ton!