Golf Lessons – Controlling The Low Point Of The Golf Swing

Golf Lessons – Controlling The Low Point Of The Golf Swing
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Striking the ball first and the ground after is essential for good ball striking. For this to happen the club has to be descending at the moment of impact. Making the low point of the swing past the ball. If the body centers are too far behind the ball at impact the low point of the swing will tend to bottom out behind the ball, causing a ground first contact. Also, if the radius of the swing arc reaches its full length to soon, again the low point will tend to be behind the ball.

If we assume the center of the golf swing is the left shoulder, a straight line from the left shoulder to the club head should not take effect until after impact. This then causes an impact position with forward shaft lean, a ball first contact and the low point to occur after the ball.

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  1. Not sure why this deserved a negative vote.The info is spot on. Controlling low point so it happens post impact is what differentiates hackers from skilled players.The flat left wrist and slightly forward leaning shaft at impact is key for most clubs.As is the weight shift to the front leg (without moving the head forward of course).

  2. James, I have watched so many golf videos I have lost count. All I can say is WOW!!! You have managed to simplify and hit dead on what holds most of us back.  Thank you