Golf Lessons – How to release the golf club in the golf swing

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Many players I meet are confused about how to correctly release the golf club. The confusion begins with what is meant when players say, “release the golf club” and secondly with how to achieve this move consistently and thus have control over ball flight.

Releasing the club refers to the unhinging of the wrists and thus squaring of the clubface to hit the ball. Too often players believe they must use motions that involve excessive rotation of the hands and arms, as this will not only get the club aimed at the target at impact but will also add speed to the swing.

In this video I explain the body motions used to release the golf club and some drills you can use to better learn this motion in your own golf game. Master this part of your golf swing and you will have more control of your ball flight allowing you to produce more consistent golf shots.

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  1. Great video. This is the number one problem I have, being consistent with the release. I find myself trying to time it, and other times just releasing the angle. And its mostly with my driver that I'm having these problems. Is the release the same with the driver as with the irons? Would love to hear your take on this. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jamie, the release in the golf swing is essentially the same with the irons and the driver. The ball position will alter the angle of attack but the release will stay constant.

    I hope that helps. All the best with your golf game.


  3. So if you are hitting behind the ball that would indicate too little body turn or too quick with Unhinging the wrist?

  4. Hi Jay, if you are hitting the ground before the ball it can be due to too little body turn and poor sequencing during the downswing. It can also be due to a couple of other factors like ball position too far forward in stance or swing path too much from in to out. The video talks about the release of the club and does not try to explain every possible way to hit the ground before the ball.

    I hope that helps and all the best with your golf game


  5. would you consider that this is a move that is performed manually by the golfer or that it happens automatically with the correct swing through gravity and centripetal force? 

  6. You are absolutely rotating your  forearms.  Look at 3:04 for example and the relationship between the back of your left wrist and your sternum — rotation!

  7. Hello Derek
    The unhinging of the wrists on the downswing, do you ever make this a conscious effort or do you leave it to gravity?  As a persistent holder of lag I find I have to do this or I think I'll swing over the top of the ball. I shank loads!!!

  8. Hi Derek
    I've been golfing for about 14 months. My instructor has me using a strong grip. Right now I am dealing with tendinitis in my left wrist. ANY ideas what I might be doing wrong?? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated…

  9. love it after watching countless videos about release I was struggling with swing speed as I was rolling my wrists/arms as late as poss which caused pulls. This explains it really well and iam now so happy with my swing speed! 🙂