GOLF: Shallow Your Downswing Like The Pros – A Fundamental Move To Play Great Golf

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Shallow Your Downswing Like The Pros – A Fundamental Move To Play Great Golf

In this video, I want to explain what I’m talking about when I say shallow your downswing and I want to show you drills on how to do it. But, I also want to show you that the best players in the world shallow their downswing relative to their backswing plane. To me, this is absolutely a fundamental move for playing great golf.

When the best ball strikers in the world get to left arm parallel to the ground in the backswing, their club will be on a given plane. If you drew a line down the screen, and then you fast forward let them go up to the top and get back down to the same spot at left arm parallel, their club shaft will be on a lower plane than it was going back. We call that shallowing the plane.

So the line that we’d draw at left arm parallel during the downswing will be lower, more behind them, more laid down, and more shallow than it was going back. All of the best players do that. Just check out the examples I give here of Adam Scott, Brooks Koepka, Bubba Watson, Hideki Matsuyama, Justin Thomas and Henrik Stenson.

All of this stuff I talk about in terms of getting the backswing plane more vertical is just in an effort to make it easier to get it underneath it coming down. It doesn’t really matter where you go. All those guys go a little bit more vertical, but as long as it’s underneath coming down, you’re okay. If your downswing plane is steeper than your back swing plane, you are going to have some form of ball striking issues.

So how do we practice that? Well, in a lot of our other videos, we set up the same practice station and we do the same drill because it works. You don’t need ten drills to do the same thing. You need one drill that works good, and then you need a lot of that one drill.

Set up the practice station we demonstrate in our HOW TO HIT A DRAW video, The point of the stick in this drill is that during the downswing I come underneath the stick to the inside of it to shallow out the downswing.

For this drill, I’d put an alignment on the side of the club. I take my normal setup and I would go back to club parallel to the ground. When left arm is parallel to the ground I see that stick is pointed about roughly halfway between my feet and the ball line. Then I’m going to go up to the top and I’m going to come back down to left arm parallel and I want that line that stick pointed more away from me, more towards that ball line. If you come back and the club is pointed closer to your toe line, you steepened your shaft and you are in trouble. If you come back down and the club is pointed more outside, you are in business.

Understand what we’re talking about when we say shallow the shaft. We talk about it a lot for good reason because it’s a fundamental to play good Golf. All the pros do it. You should do it too.

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  1. Best instructor on YouTube. Your videos on wrist conditions effectively elimated my weak fades, improved quality/consistency of strike and added distance. Golf is so much more fun now. Next up… Shallowing the shaft. I'm 2 hours outside of Bethlehem. I'm tempted to come up for a few lessons 🙂 Keep up the great work Eric!

  2. Eric I really enjoyed this video!! You're the best golfer instructor on YouTube. Thanks for the drill. Do you do online lessons? If so how do I get one?

  3. Shame that a great teacher like yourself has to apologise for the use of the word ‘plane’ because of a certain popular bald range pro’s I’ll informed ideas

  4. I’m consistently breaking 90 for the first time in decades since subscribing. Watch out sub 80!

  5. I see that you want the downswing to be inside the backswing. My question is do you create this with you arms or your wrists?

  6. I have worked on this for awhile now. Now a pro who watched me play says I'm getting "stuck" with the clubhead way behind me coming down. Thoughts on how to deal with that while still shallowing? Thanks!

  7. so great a golf pro eric is! i like the channel so much! thx for sharing~ 🙂

  8. Good video, i have a few questions. First, you mention that all good ball strikers do this, but why do they do it? Ehat effect does it have? Second, does thing change at all if we are shaping a shot or trajectory? Should you do this with pitches as well? And finally, is there danger to too much of a change, i see brooks and Sergio loosing like 10 degrees, but they are excellent strikers… Or maybe thats why they are… Hmm… Thanks!

  9. Most average golfers will find that too hard. Having a neutral grip seeing two knuckles on your left hand and swing back keeping your left wrist square or slightly bowed will automatically shallow the shaft coming down. This in my opinion seems much easier than trying to shallow it coming down from a steeper plane going back. Your thoughts Eric?