GOLF: Shallow Your Downswing With This Backswing Arm Move

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Shallow Your Downswing With This Backswing Arm Move

Let’s talk about how to shallow out the downswing with this “top secret, never-before-seen” backswing move. Obviously I’m kidding a little bit about this, but this is something that doesn’t get talked about that can shallow out your downswing.

The main component that you need to understand here – and something we’re going to do more in depth videos about – is this equal and opposite theory. Whatever you want to do during the downswing, you’re probably going to have the best chance of doing that if you do the exact opposite of it going back.

At the top of the backswing, what are the pieces that I want to do to shallow out my downswing? The club, the grip, the shaft goes from whatever angle it’s on to a flatter angle. That would be shallowing. The club gets flatter or more laid down.

When the club shallows, the back of my left hand goes up towards the sky and my left elbow goes away from me towards the target. So, what’s the theory? If I do the opposite of that going back, I’ll get it coming down. So what could I do during my backswing with my left arm and with my elbow to get the opposite and get the club shallowing coming down? If I get the back of my left hand going more down towards the ground, during the backswing and I’d have my elbow point much more towards the ground or even slightly behind me.

There’s another piece of this. That’s where my hands move in space, so again think equal and opposite here. If I want to shallow the shaft, what do my hands do? They go downward and they go towards the ball, down and towards the ball target line. That’s the movement during my downswing, so I need the opposite of that to happen during my backswing.

If I wanted to make a backswing to shallow out my downswing, I’d have my hands work “in” a lot and I’d have the shaft be very vertical. Hands most in, shaft most vertical is going to do what? My hands are going to work back out and the shaft is going to go back down vertical. What kills shallowing the shaft is the opposite of that. You want hands in, you want shaft vertical during your backswing.

We’ve talked before about the body motion and that’s half of it, this is the arms and hands. If you want to shallow out your downswing, this top secret move (that’s not really so top secret) is your hands need to work more inward and the shaft needs to be more vertical. The back of my left hand, the elbow, those things, those are reference points. If I want to get my hands and the shaft vertical, I want to feel the back of my elbow down towards the ground, the top of my elbow more up towards the sky and the back of my left hand towards the ground.

So the main points here:

-Whatever you want to do during the downswing, you’re probably going to have the best chance of doing that if you do the exact opposite of it in the backswing

– During your backswing, you want the back of your left hand going more down towards the ground and your elbow pointed much more towards the ground or even slightly behind.

– To shallow out your downswing, you hands need to work more inward and the shaft needs to be more vertical during your backswing

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  1. I for one can and do listen to you all day on golf instruction. No better instructor anywhere. You have transformed my short game & I'll be 63 next month. The bounce lessons you give are the best. And when it comes to trolls Eric, just remember, a Tiger never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep. 😉 Thanks so much.

  2. Great tips Eric! The key is to exaggerate these moves and use a centered body pivot. Once you smoke a couple with great impact conditions, you’ll know that OSU’s Matt Wolff’s ‘G’ swing is not as wild as it looks. He hits it a mile!

  3. this bloke talks so much sense , i follow his tuition all the time, regular teachers at our golf club scramble your mind. i had a lesson with our pro, before lesson i had one way miss now i have two way miss, so confused. i could not hit a cows arse with a banjo. just follow eric, fellow golfers.

  4. Great tips and helpful demonstration. The shaft position on the backswing reminds me of the "A Swing" concept, but your description along with the other equal and opposite movements makes more sense to me. Thanks!

  5. im off to the range to try this… always fighting the over the top across the line pull shot…its killing me!:{

  6. Great video Eric – with the hands getting more inside using this move, how can we prevent from getting stuck (i.e. keeping right elbow and arms more out in front) on the downswing?

  7. hi eric love your vids but i must say did someone buy you david leaadbetters a swing for your birthday !!!!!! seriously though i would like to see you apply this with a student on camera to prove the theory

  8. I just found your channel and I have to say you explain and demonstrate extremely well. You don’t over do it with confusing fluff. I would love to take a live lesson with you some day

  9. Great tip yet again Eric. Kinda of reminds me of something I watched about Moe Norman last week. I struggled with trying to shallow out my club, but this really did hit the nail on the head and helped me understand it better. Thanks man!

  10. I have been playing since 1965 and I know you are one of the best teachers, right on the ball with how it should be done. Many thanks Eric, Henry.