Golf: Succeed In Golf: Beginners Guide, Golf Tips, Sport & Having The Right Mindset (Learn The Right Mindset, Learn What Golf is, Play Better Throughout Your Round)

Golf: Succeed In Golf- Beginners Guide, Golf Tips, Sport & Having The Right Mindset

I’m a Peak Performance Coach Who Helps Athletes With their Mindset. This isn’t a book for learning the swing because you can’t learn to swing through a book. I will Teach you everything you need to know, Mindset, What golf is, the rules and the fundamentals

Golf is the one sport that you will either love or hate. Golf has grown massively over the past decade and is a sport that is played all over the globe. Lots of people are jumping on and taking advantage of this great game and getting to know the basics. When you start playing golf you can really struggle and your mindset is going to determine if you get good fast or not.

The aim of the game is to have the least amount of shots when you go around the course. It is a very structures game with a lot of rules which makes the game fun and enjoyable. I wrote this book for the average person started out playing golf but also put in a lot of information about having the right mindset for the game. I believe whether you become a success or failure with golf has to do with your mindset and the time you put into it.

You will learn what golf is, how to trigger off peak performance, rules of the game and the fundamental tips every beginner needs to know. Enjoy the challenge of golf and find out for yourself if the games for you.

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