Golf Swing Analysis: Chesson Hadley

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I had never seen Hadley’s swing before this event (Sanderson Farms 2017), but now that I’ve had a chance to study it a bit I think it is one of the best on Tour. He has a unique body, very tall and thin, and he takes advantage of it in multiple ways. I like his posture and high hands at address as well as the distance he stands from the ball, all of which help him to create plenty of space for the arms to pass in front of the chest in the downswing. His backswing is extremely simple, moving back to ¾ length at most, staying nicely on plane, with the left arm moving across the chest after P2 and the right arm bending the whole time. In addition, he maintains the angle in the back of the left wrist perfectly to the top of the swing and into transition before he supinates the left forearm to square the face, all items I would teach anyone to try. His pelvic movement in transition is also a big plus for him as he deepens his hips and pulls the left hip back in one continuous motion, again helping him add posture and create room for the right upper arm to move well forward before impact. All in all, this is an uncomplicated, effective move that should make him one of the best ball strikers out there.

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  1. I've noticed in a lot of your analysis, you go over a small section of the swing over and over is very frustrating to watch. A little over done. Just my opinion.