Golf Swing Analysis J.J. Spaun

Read the description below:

JJ is a rapidly improving player who I believe has an excellent golf swing, both simple and effective. I love his rhythm as he loads smoothly, stays smooth in transition, then explodes into impact, especially with his irons, which happen to be his strongest asset, where he is ranked 14th in strokes gained approaching the green. He has great shaft control, keeping it close to perfectly on plane all through the swing, and never appears to be in danger of getting stuck. His out to the ball hand path is just what I would love all my students to do, and although his hips clear a bit slower than some the depth he creates by the time he hits the ball makes tons of room for his right arm to stay bent well past impact with his iron shots, another attribute everyone would be happy to copy. I also like the fact that he lowers gradually during the swing, which helps give his swing the look of smoothly loading toward an aggressive strike.

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