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Golf Swing Analysis Matsuyama



I'm guessing this is the 2015 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits.

Diego Alvarez says:

The thing there bobby is that the camera is some cms ahead of the perpendicular to the tee so it seems that the ball is back and the offside line is actually more forward as you show later in the video. So he never goes offside, in fact he struggles with slices and pushes cause que sometimes get to ahead offside. but in this swing he smash it down in the middle. thanks you ar the best!!! Diego


Hey Bobby, I've been watching a ton of Manuel De la Torre clinics. What you think of what he taught?

D Slatt says:

What would be the point of those legends attempting to swing for power? The equipment they used was not geared to hit 350 yard drives, and not even this player could hit it over three hundred with the ball and club that was used by those legends.

D Slatt says:

The ball does not look back in his stance at all.

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