Golf Swing Angle of Attack V’s Swing Plane

Belfry PGA Professional Chris Ryan shows how to strike down on your irons, and demonstrates some of the problems golfers face when trying to do this.

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  1. you stated 4 to 5 degrees down with a 7 iron which to me is a very shallow angle even though you do not want shallow angle ? Then when you watch the video the angle looks more along the 30 to 45 % degree down. I am assuming the angle is the one formed with the ground and the down path of the club. Furthermore it would help if the degree angle was recommended for each iron or fairway wood rather than just a 7 iron, or are all the angle attacks the same ? It would seem the angle would be less for the longer shafted clubs

  2. Jack Nicklaus perfect example of "steep" looking downswing but with shallow AOA. swept the ball with little divots

  3. Glad to find the video. I've only just started to differentiate between steepness in swing plane vs in AOA. Thanks Chris.

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