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GOLF SWING BACKSWING TIPS with Mark Crossfield PGA golf professional. If you want to improve your golf swing with easy to follow and use golf tips then todays video could really help your golf game. Simple ideas fro golfers looking to develop their backswing with more power and control. Golf tips for all golfs looking for improved tee shots or iron play.

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  1. Very important to have a local event. Fantastic to see great players on yr course and how they play it compared to us muppets.

  2. Yes Mark, the Benson and Hedges left York, my place for your place . The pros didn't like it from what I remember. When I played it some time ago I knew what they meant…tough track.

  3. I have started working on just this three weeks ago.  Makes a very big difference in distance.  Your "safe" swing issues was dead on!  Fair warning to anyone starting this, you will feel wild and out of control at first and want to go back to the safe way.  For three weeks and 10 rounds of golf I have had to remind myself of these changes every swing.  If I do not I go back to the safe way without thinking.  Great video as usual.

  4. Very important. We here in Birmingham through time have had events at the belfry and the forest of Arden and also used to have the golf show at the NEC. It's been so long since we had anything we kind of feel isolated. I went to woburn to the British masters which was great. And although I'm prepared to travel, it's great having events locally

  5. Dude, this is genius advise. I think I finally figured out why my swing is so much worse in an indoor hitting bay than out on the course – I'm 6'4" and when swinging indoors always concerned about hitting something (I did once and the drywall repair on the ceiling wasn't easy…at least for me).

  6. I wonder what %age of work is done by each hand in a well organized, working swing? 50/50? 60/40? Any opinions?

  7. 1 thing I found that helps with getting the hands higher and to make the stretch a little easier, is to NOT sit back as much in the setup and initial takeaway. Do the opposite and tuck the pelvis under a little, standing that little bit taller.

  8. The Scottish open @ gullane has had a massive effect for golf In Edinburgh ! Playing no2 in the morning , can't wait

  9. Live in Jacksonville Florida near Ponte Vedra where Players is contested. Easily the biggest event in area, even more than professional (American) football team. Brings golfers year round to area that otherwise wouldn't be chosen over Miami or Orlando

  10. We use to have a senior tour when Trevino played and he really bad mouthed Myrtle Beach. Only big Tournement is The Hootie and The Blowfish Monday after the Masters. Paige Spuranic played in it this year and I got a chance to talk to her. We talked about how you were playing Pinehurst that day and about playing golf with you in freezing weather. As you can see, the tournemen is when you are herein the states. Nancy Lopez, Davis Love, Billy Horshel and many more players come. You and Matt need to come

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