Golf – Swing Caddie

Click link down below to get your own Swing Caddie (If you click that link it will automatically take off the $60)

Use Promo Code – CBG for $60 off as well

Shades – Electric – Knoxville Pro
30% off promo code – CBG

Shoes – Jack Grace

Camera – Cannon t5i Rebel

Mic – Rode

Targus 360 Trigger Tripod

Adobe Premier Pro

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  1. If they reprogram it for her to say "sweet baby jesus caught the ball in the fluffy clouds, handed it off to a baby bald eagle, which layed the ball down on the green at 75 yards," I'll buy 5 of them.

  2. Just wish it had spin.I'm a club fitter and tech, so I know that spin isn't everything, but people want it

  3. I've had this for about a year. I never use it because I practice at home with net, and when buying it I didn't realise that if you don't know your ball flight – this thing is basically useless. It can say a ball flew 100 metres, but if you pushed the ball massively and also hit it thin, then the 100 metre reading is useless. I can see it's good for range practice though, so thanks for the inspiration to do that.

  4. Pointless really…
    Swingspeed is the last thing I want to know. If it would show path and how far right and left you hit it, that would be really good.

  5. I had one it was bad ass. It saved your practise shots and gave you average carry for every different club. You can really dial in your distances. Easy to use easy to setup at the range loved it !

  6. it would be good for indoor hitting into a net and getting feedback on your balls that you cant see because its going into the net.

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