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  1. Hitting balls in your dress/work shoes won't help with your balance/consistency brother don't ya think?

  2. I am not rly someone to give advice cuz I'm only 14 ,and I rly want to see u on the mini tours working ur way up to European tour ,but I was wondering if Uve thought of getting a coach because at the level you're at with the goals u have u may need someone just watching u and giving u drills and professionally analysing your swing because I personally believe that is a lot of stress and worry trying to fix your swing alone plus actually doing it .i hope I don't come across as a bit of a douche I was just asking cuz I wanna see u on tour and I've been watching u for years aha

  3. Loving the videos mate, I hope you keep on uploading. What development tours are you thinking about playing on if that is the route you're going down ?

  4. Controversial opinion – hit a cut! Nothing wrong with a slight right to left path if the face is consistent. Sure you’ve got the power to hit it long enough with fade spin too, plus much more accurate and misses won’t be as bad…

  5. I liked the video you did a few weeks ago where you just condensed all the shots into a 10/15 min video. There was little or no dialog or talking and I thought it was refreshing to watch at least.

  6. Hey Harry,
    I been wondering how you be hitting the ball on the face if have a miss hit. Are they rather toey?

  7. I think that your front spine view will show that you have a little sway. Ill suggest to keep the spine angle more stable and as fluid

  8. it looks like you tempo is a little fast, try incorporating rythem into you swing it will produce a more consistent strike