‘Golf Swing’ Clear Money Box / Piggy Bank (MB00012942)


Original design by Shaun Butler.

An 8.5cm money box made out of clear acrylic and engraved with a design from one of our talented designers. If you need a larger one, search again for the same title but add the word ‘large’.

The design is engraved into the side of the boxes (so won’t rub off) and is on all four sides. The bottom is flat and the top has a slot for coins. The acrylic is crystal clear and you’ll be able to see all your pennies inside as you fill up the box. In our view, it looks better than the image shown – it’s very hard to get a good picture of transparent items.

Due to the laser cutting and engraving process there may be the odd scorch mark when it arrives with you but these just wipe off.

The money box requires assembly before use, but this is simple enough – it’s only got six pieces. No tools or glue required either, it just clips together with a firm push.

Once put together though, this money box is a solid piece of kit and quite robust. As there’s no rubber bung on the bottom it won’t give up the money inside easily. Taking it apart will require a grown up and may involve some rude words, so cover the ears of any nearby children. You’ll almost certainly need a new money box afterwards and possibly even relationship counselling. Your money will absolutely be safe from casual pilfering though, which is exactly what you want from a money box.

Product Features

  • 8.5cm clear money box.
  • Made from clear, durable acrylic.
  • Engraved on four sides with a beautiful design.
  • Requires assembly before use – no glue or tools needed.

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