Golf swing comparison of Justin Thomas & Brendon from Be Better Golf

How to properly transition the club down to improve your distance and accuracy.

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  1. In all the years of BBG brenden has never rid himself of the lunge from the top. No matter the instructor in the video it’s always present

  2. Tony that was absolutely painful and very difficult to watch. You can not compare Brendon in anyway, shape, or form to Justin Thomas. It would be better to compare Brendon to a person more Brendon’s skill level and not a PGA pro. Believe me I watch Be a Better golfer and find “most” of it interesting and informative, but this segment was in LEFT field…

  3. I notice here that brendon has great lower body action but he forgets to let his arms drop .He's powering his hips toward the target but his arms seem to be stuck up around his shoulders.