Golf Swing Connection How to Feel the Connection Between the Body and Arms

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I’m Ted Norby, Director of Golf Instruction for the National University Golf Academy. What I’m going to talk about today is connection and a drill to create this feeling of connection. Now, connection can be a few different things. That one piece take away, getting the arms and the club moving together. It can also be the arms and the body working together correctly and in the right sequence, both back and forward. This one drill that actually makes you get everything all connected and working together. If you can do this long term, more times you do this drill, the more you’ll feel everything working together. And the drill itself is getting both or two clubs together with two hands.

Now, if one arm or the other kind of fight or kind of overpower on the backswing, I’m not going to be able to move everything together. What I want to do is get the grips fairly close together and the club heads and the shafts kind of parallel down there and I want to keep them consistently together all the way back. What I don’t want to do is separate them or get them across and if I do that, that creates that one piece take away, getting the arms, the shaft, the rotation of the upper body all connected to the top of the swing and if I get my hands in the right place, the clubs are also going to stay fairly close together right there.

What I don’t want to do is on the back swing, get them to cross here or even at the top, I don’t want them crossing, that’s just manipulating the hands and the arms a little bit. This also, as I said, gets the upper body to start turning into that right leg a little bit. If my arms take over, I don’t have to turn my body a whole lot. So on the back swing it just gets the arms to work together, the hands to work correctly and it gets the upper body to coil.

On the forward motion, same thing, If my body stops or if I use my upper body, the shafts are going to start crossing all over the place. So, what I want to do is make this back swing and then the same thing going forward and trying to keep the shaft of the clubs as close as possible without banging or touching. That just makes my arms work together, works my legs first. Now I can go ahead and use my body to rotate the arms through as opposed to the arms taking over and throwing the club down. So make a bunch of swings with both hands, two clubs until you can feel a fairly full swing without the clubs banging into eachother but keeping them as close as you can, then toss one club to the side, create the same motion and it will get everything connected and sequenced a little bit better. You’ll hit more solid shots.

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  1. I will defiantly try this drill. However, I was wondering if it would be better to start with short swings at first? I love the videos, keep up the good work!!!