Golf Swing Control With Your Core

Golf Swing Control With Your Core. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks about controlling club path and swing direction with your body and your core. Learn from some of the swings Mark gets sent via his iPhone golf app and see if the ideas can help you to play some better golf.

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  1. Planks are a great exercise for building your core. Elbows on the edge of a bed with your body stretched out and straight behind you is a tremendous way to start. Hold for as long as you can with your back straight. Good luck!

  2. Have you tried the vice pro/ pro plus golfballs? I think they are amazing! Would love to her your opinion on these balls.

  3. My dad is in his mid fifties. He struggles with back pain and has this problem. When I told him to try this he said he couldn't because it hurt his back. Any ideas to help?

    Thanks Mark!

  4. If that guy came for a lesson with me, one of the first things I'd try to get him to do is change his hat.

  5. luv the quick fix vids, righthand under causing snap hooks, now on top I'm a different golfer cheers Mark!