Golf Swing Drill – Hands First Impact

Hands First – PGA Professional Robin Symes demonstrates a drill to ensure you have your hands in front of the club head at impact.
Hi Robin Symes here. I’m going to show you a simple exercise for anybody who is struggling compressing the golf ball on impact or really struggling to get the feel for compression. One of the most common faults among amateurs is where at impact the club head will reach the ball before the hands. Club shaft will be leaning away from target, you’ll be increasing the loft of the clubs, you’ll be getting a high weak ball flight with a loss of distance. You’ll probably not hitting as solid maybe heavy shots and thin shots. What we like to see at impact is where the shaft will lean slightly forward, the hands will be slightly in front of the ball and we’ll reduce the loft of the club slightly so you get a lower ball flight insuring a solid contact and reaching your maximum distance.
If you’re already struggling to get a feel for this try the simple drill. Close the club face quite severely, under dress. Then learn to square the club face at impact. To do that what you’re going to have to do is you’re going to have to keep your hands accelerating for longer. So your club shaft gets in a position where it’s quite severely lent forward at impact squaring the club face. You’ll see that will deloft the club a lot but it will give the feeling of your hands to keep accelerating for longer keeping your hands in front of the club head. You’ll develop awareness of that movement. How to hit the ball solid, how to compress the ball. Once you’ve got a feel for that quite quickly I want you to go back to a regular dress with a regular club face and try that similar feeling of keeping the hands accelerating for longer, delofting the club so you can hit ball flight you’re looking for and hit the ball a little further which is what we’re all looking for.

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A simple drill to provide the feeling of keeping your hands in front of the club head at impact. It will help a lower ball flight, more solid impact, fixing early release and scooping. Complete the drill a few times and then return to your normal address. Too many might cause you to keep the clubface open at impact.

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  1. I understand this is the way to do this but when your swinging hard at the ball, it seems the force of the club automatically wants to force your hands into the wrong position.

  2. I do tend to hit the ball fat on occasion and not always solid impact.  Been told in the past i have flippy hands at impact.  Been trying to correct this for years.  Can still play good golf but i know it is not the correct way.  Please check out my youtube channel to see for yourself.  Thank you.  RedUSMarines311

  3. I will Give the drag to lag drill a try tomorrow morning at the range before i play a round of golf in the simulator.  Will keep you informed.