Golf swing drill for more speed and improve sequence that is natural. for ultimate golf lessons free.

Here Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your swing speed and have a better golf swing.

It’s important to have golf drills that you can do at home, before you play or as training that do not require to strike hundreds of golf balls.. or even none at all. You see golf swing improvement can be done when you know how to train your golf swing sequence and this practice drill does just that.’

Increase your golf swing speed and distance when you turn the driver upside down, this in itself helps speed but as you see in the video lesson.

In this golf swing training drill you are going to work on your golf swing sequence by stepping and timing your weight transfer.

Start from a narrow width stance holding the driver near the head with both hands.
As you make your backswing take a small step towards the target to help initiate the downswing sequence and weight transfer.
As you swing through increase the snap and whip through the ball to a full finish position
Return back to center and feet close together.
Now you gradually increase the width of you step and increase the golf swing speed.
After 10 tries of this drill you turn the club and take your n ormal golf grip.
Do the drill again with gradual increases of step and speed.
You should be able to feel a nice golf swing sequence and weight transfer that feels like a step and snap but that feel natural.

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