Golf Swing Drills To Stop Early Release (DO THESE!)

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Golf Swing Drills To Stop Early Release

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  1. Since the golf swing take less than 2 seconds and .25 on downswing, you can not be thinking of all your body parts. Would like you to share combinations of swing thoughts……one for backswing and another for the downswing which would produce a swing. Thx. Tom

  2. Great video…as always! Like the images, but how do you feel deceleration (to get the POP) when you're trying to accelerate through the ball? I WILL try the 'wet leaf' image. Thanks!

  3. Hi Adam glad you're safe from Dorian. Would you make a video on swing plane. You have the shaft plane line and you have the line going from the ball up through your shoulder. I've been trying to make my hands follow the line going from my shoulder to the ball of course until your hands get in front of your body is this a good thought to have?

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